POSHIE Features Overview

The reason why POSHIE is extremely easy and intuitive to use is because it is created with top-notch technology. Let us explain more!


Our Solution for Restaurants

POSHIE offers the newest and most technologically advanced tablet menu platform that provides a whole array of services for your customers. 

Operating in dining and drinking establishments as a tablet menu app - on either iPads or Android tablets - POSHIE works off either the outlet's WiFi or a SIM card. Being multi-language based, you now have the chance to cut through all those communication challenges.

POSHIE's range of services is unmatched.


More than just a menu....

There is no better way to display your menu than via POSHIE's elegant and intuitive navigation system. But POSHIE offers your customers a whole lot more than menu browsing. 


• Once your customers decide what they want, they can transmit their order to the kitchen by a simple tap - with any special requirements fully reflected. 

• After ordering, your customers can be offered access to POSHIE's wide arrange of entertainment available on the tablets. 

• And uniquely, POSHIE allows you to offer to your customers a facility to chat with your kitchen or waiting staff to clarify requirements, to get an up-date on the order or any other matter that your customers would wish to alert you of. 


Simple for you to set up and maintain......

Supported by an in-built guide, POSHIE's content management is incredibly easy and quick to set up and maintain. And updating on tablets can be done remotely on POSHIE’s web-based admin tool - without the need to touch any of the tablets individually. 

POSHIE's admin system further allows you to decide what level of access each person can have. So you can restrict access for those things that really matter. 


An intuitive and pleasurable experience for your customers to use.......

Besides allowing your customers the chance to choose their preferred language, POSHIE has been designed to ensure your customers can most easily navigate and view your menu without any uncertainty or hesitation.


And a shoe-in within your restaurant operations.......

POSHIE is designed so can it can be fixed permanently to each table using our elegant casing stands. And if getting power cabling to each table is not feasible, no problem: we provide detachable power-packs which you can rotate around your tablets to ensure all remain charged all the time.

If instead, you'd like POSHIE handed to your guests, POSHIE is well set up for this too. We provide purpose-built space-efficient charging cabinets in which tablets not in use can be both safely stored and re-powered.


Advertising Revenue

Poshie has been built to accommodate third-party advertisements tailored for each establishment. The POSHIE team works with each of its clients to agree which advertising (if any) is suitable for its customers, how/when it appears on the tablet and who sources the companies advertising their products. And the POSHIE team is happy to carry out all the legwork if you would prefer. 


What benefits will POSHIE bring to your establishment?

• yet more delighted customers

• cutting out any of those ordering misunderstandings

• scope to reduce the cost of your team of waiters

• additional revenue from advertising offered through every tablet at an occupied table



With the launch of POSHIE, the bedrooms in your hotel can now be de-cluttered. 


Hotels around the world are now using POSHIE to replace:

• the fixed telephone handset

• the hotel directory

• guides on local attractions

• and the room service menu. 


POSHIE is also equipping guests with local 3G on their OWN smartphone - at no cost to the hotel. 


POSHIE operates in hotel rooms as a tablet app - on either iPads or android tablets - working off the hotel's wifi. Being multi-language based, you now have the chance to cut through all those communication challenges. And such is POSHIE's technology, that you can remotely set the default language of POSHIE to the one most appropriate for each guest - before he/she steps into the the room for the first time. 

It's range of services is unmatched. Here are just some of what it provides:


Telephone Feature

Around the world, hotels are progressively moving from fixed line phones to VOIP ones. But why go from a phone to a phone? Poshie includes a fully functioning internet-based telephone feature - and even offers hotels the option for the guests to see the hotel staff via video rather than just audio. This creates the scope for enhanced rapport and more effective communication with your guests.


E-concierge Services

POSHIE offers a plethora of services. Here are just a few examples.

• making an in-room dining order

• booking a table at one of your restaurants

• making a reservation for spa treatment

• messaging to or chatting with a hotel department

• useful information on the local vicinity


Seamlessly Interfacing with Useful Third Party Apps

Whether it's an app for ride-hailing, for food delivery or for some other relevant third-party service, POSHIE can interface most effectively with it. The technology and interfaces are such that the guest doesn't need to register or input credit card or other payment info. The third-party service provider is automatically made aware of the hotel and room number; and the amount payable is fed to the hotel so that it can be charged to the room. And obviously, the hotel decides which third-party apps it allows to be accessed via POSHIE.


Providing local mobile data services to your guests

POSHIE offers a unique service whereby your overseas guests will be able to get 24-hour mobile wifi on their smartphones for use while outside your hotel. 

A real marketing benefit and provided to your guests at no cost to the hotel.



Entertainment on Demand

POSHIE accommodates a wide portfolio of entertainment features – such as movies, games, and documentaries. Each hotel can decide what entertainment it wants made available to its guests – and whether free or charged. And POSHIE is well set for such entertainment to be displayed directly onto the room TV.